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A Focused Health Check 

A well-executed audit will tell you everything you need to know. 

Whether it’s internal or external, an effective audit will tell you everything you need to now.  Q-Sys’ auditors are IRCA certified and highly skilled in performing all audit types.  Q-Sys can also support you during any external audits that may be performed on your organisation.


To perform a first-class audit, preparation is key.  The right people, with the right knowledge and with the ability to review and understand critical information are paramount to its success

    • Select audit team
    • Allocate roles
    • Pre-audit reading

An audit should be conducted so as not to disrupt an organisations daily operations and here at Q-Sys we use our three-step approach to establish and maintain the daily audit programme

    • Opening meeting
    • Audit activities
    • Findings & closing meeting

Once the audit is complete, Q-Sys’ auditors prepare a comprehensive report.  All findings are categorised and based on evidence gathered during the audit

    • Good practices
    • Opportunities for improvement
    • Noncompliance

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